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Our main objective was to provide an identity that ties the villa to both cycladic architecture and modernity. The topography of the terrain, orientation of the sun, and magnificent view over the bay required a conceptual approach based on structural lines. These are organized around an axis with symmetrical circulation that bring a unique dynamic do the site. From the main entrance to the swimming pool, perspectives have been played with and studied to guide our line of sight to the horizon. This ‘mountain’ house with its green roof stemming from the geographical location, was a true architectural feat. The skylights, staircase, and infinity pool are key elements that bring a strong identity to this house. From open to intimate spaces, the villa is organized on several levels offering both varied and luxurious atmospheres. Each level of accommodation features its own swimming pool, the house has in total 8 bedrooms with access to a Jacuzzi, two hammams, a gym, and an outside “eye” bar… 







April 2021

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