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Chongming Island is a remote island situated approximately two hours from Shanghai. It presents a restful paradise for people seeking a weekend getaway or attending a business conference in a peaceful environment. The hotel and restaurant, designed by Jean-Pierre HEIM Architect, perfectly accentuates the island’s tranquil, quiet character. Since comfort is the most important aspect in the design, the furniture was specially designed primarily in white for the project. The furniture is comfortable but strong and the lighting throughout is adjustable. The LED lighting is placed appropriately, facing away from the eye. There is a special screen design with circular holes representing the island, the symbolic trademark of the project, the Zhun sign. The luxury hotel has few rooms and a large presidential suite. All bedrooms have a private terrace and a small, private lap pool. The design is contemporary and modern with dark wood floors, built-in bookshelves and mostly white furniture. The lobby is minimalist with copious indirect light coming from a screen. The lobby has a Feng Shui influence with a water fountain to shield the view from the bedroom entrances. This special ambiance is a design concept to inspire a quiet and restful atmosphere. The restaurant’s lobby is wide and an open skylight overhead allows natural light to penetrate and be diffused by several mirrors and slices of glass on the two vertical pillars and the columns of the atrium. The wine cellar is located in the wall that separates the kitchen. The doors are brushed with stainless aluminum in black and white silkscreen of the Dow Zhun logo. Ceiling lighting is diffused with LED light through a white wooden screen. There are also eight VIP rooms and one large restaurant seating 50 persons. The exterior landscaping plays an important role in the overall presentation featuring pleasant and natural views from most locations of the interior.








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