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New York townhouse is a project designed by JeanPierre HEIM in collaboration with Greg Sharp of Case Development. On three levels, this townhouse now sports a very symbolic spiral staircase stretching from the basement to the third floor. The symbolism arises from the stair’s creation of a hub running vertically through the house, seemingly a tree of life supplying and supporting light, openness and life. This symbolic stair represents the center of energy of the house. It brings light from the rooftop down to each floor, diffusing and brightening the space. Reflecting a mixture of European Palladium architecture, this New York townhouse could be said to be custom made for all. The owner is a true lover of comfortable, classical style tempered by modern touches. The house boasts eco-friendly technology making it what has come to be called an intelligent home, featuring the latest in home security, light control, sound, video, and HVAC control equipment. A pool is located on the rooftop overlooking the New York City skyline adjacent to a background terrace, ideal for a summer barbeque or an intimate gathering. In order to make the ground floor appear more spacious, an oblique patterned marble is used throughout the space. The ground floor features a large, wide kitchen and an atrium that gives the space a greenhouse effect, bringing the outdoors inside. A fireplace makes the ground floor comfortable and inviting year round but especially during the New York winters. The master bathroom is finished all in white, thick marble complete with a large foyer and a private fireplace.


Town house


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