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Blue Rock Safari is an annex to Blue Rock Villa in Mykonos, Greece. This is a “cave home” set amidst rocks and boulders in a most avant garde fashion, ecologically sustainable utilizing a natural-built construction manufactured from locally sourced stone. The cave home is painted with an ochre color to blend smoothly with the strong Cycladic light. The site is surrounded with local landscaping and existing plants such as cactus, palm trees and wild fig trees. Natural gas stone coming from the explosion of the Atlántida volcano circle around the construction. This small structure of 40 square meters comprises a global self-contained room, bathroom, office and an outdoor kitchen. The house’s locale provides a 360 panorama of the rocks facing southwest, and the Cycladic Sea. As in the legend of the Cyclops who threw huge rocks on Mykonos according to Greek mythology, large granite boulders surround the “Safari.” One huge stone is isolated within the room and looks like a prehistoric animal. A collection of furniture coming from many countries is inside the “Safari.” A door from a desert earth Bedouin home of Saudi Arabia, doors for closets coming from India Rajastan, wood furniture from Senegal, Poterie from Africa and marble from Tinos are part of this most unique and rustic design. BlueRock Safari, designed by Jean-Pierre HEIM Architect and HEIM style, is an unusual and unique summer place to live with natural ventilation, no glass windows, shutters with wood louvers, and mosquito nets. An exterior bar and outdoor kitchen under a pergola allows outdoor entertainment and a small natural theater to enjoy the sunset. The space and environs are pristine and immaculate, totally lacking of modern culture, and are aesthetically pollution free to preserve the environment.







Juin 2012

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