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In 2004, creation of HEIM Style, an architecture and  interior design office. Based in Paris, HEIM Style, design platform, is now structured and organized for international projects such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, private residences, luxury boutiques and offices. Indeed, HEIM Style put his passion into inspiring travels and design across Europe, USA and Asia.

HEIM Style signature: Our design style is about elegance and simplicity. We pay special attention to detail and realism. HEIM Style allows to make the link between the interior and the exterior with an extrem focus on light, colour, finishings and the fluidity of the differents spaces. We emphasize the beauty of design through our contempory life style.


HEIM Style is directed by the architects Christine FEUILLATTE and Carolyn HEIM. Our team is made up of architects, creators and other designers of talent, able to ‘think’ and ‘built’ spaces all over the world. We mainly characterized our professionnalism by our reactivity and avaiblility depending on the project and his location.


HEIM Style & HEIM Design work closely to a wide range of internationnal project concerning architecture and interior design, services including strategic vision, corporate indentity, programming design developpement. HEIM Architectes quickly reconisable by a deap symbolic conception in architecture and interior design. In association with HEIM Style, Jean Pierre HEIM,, enhances quality design with a wide range of contemporary design materials, objects and accessories and confronts head-on all new challenges in design diversity.

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